What is considered a commercial truck?

A commercial truck can be any large truck used for business purposes and hauling. Most people think commercial trucks are 18 wheelers, however, commercial trucks come in the form of dump trucks, tow trucks, plow trucks, logging trucks and more.

How common are commercial truck accidents?

Though commercial truck accidents make up of just about 6.5% of total accidents, they make up for twice the percentage of fatalities in car crashes.

What is the fatality rate in a truck accident?

In 2020, over 4,000 people died from large truck accidents. 15% of deaths were the truck occupants, but 68% were passengers of other vehicles and the remaining fatalities were pedestrians, cyclists or other non-drivers.

Who is liable after a truck accident?

This depends on the circumstances of the accident and who is determined to be at-fault. It’s important to hire a truck accident attorney immediately after a truck accident to navigate the investigation.

Are truckers liable for accidents?

Truckers can be liable if they were determined to be at-fault. These include situations where truckers fall asleep while driving, swerve, don’t use their blinker and more.

Can mechanics be at-fault for a truck accident?

Yes. If a mechanic doesn’t repair the truck to proper specifications or uses faulty parts, the mechanic could be liable.

Are trucking companies liable for truck accidents?

If the trucks aren’t maintained to proper guidelines, the trucking company can be held liable. This is typically why you see DOT pullovers along Massachusetts’ highways to help regulate and check for safety. We can also note that companies can be liable in Massachusetts under certain circumstances that establish an agency relationship. As a general rule, a truck driver can be considered an agent of the trucking company if at the time of the accident he was acting as its employee and subject to its direction and control.

If I’ve been in a truck accident, what can I be awarded in court?

Truck accidents oftentimes cause injury or death, which results in loss of wages, loss of function or long-term pain and suffering. You can be awarded for the costs incurred and any future or predicted costs incurred. It’s important to hire a truck accident lawyer whom specializes in personal injury so they can walk you through the process.