What are the Motorcycle Laws in Massachusetts?

Motorcyclists must wear a DOT approved helmet as well as a face shield or eye shield if their bike does not have a shield built into the front-end. Other than that, motorcyclists have similar laws to car drivers, and must have either their permit or license to drive.

What is Required on my Motorcycle in Order to Operate?

Any motorcycle must have rearview mirrors, a valid inspection sticker affixed to the license plate, proper lighting and maintained mechanical items like a secure seat or fenders.

Can I Split Lanes with my Motorcycle in Massachusetts?

No, you cannot split lanes with your motorcycle in the state of Massachusetts. The only state that allows lane splitting in the U.S. is California.

What is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is the act of using your vehicle/motorbike to ride in between lanes to reach your destination quicker. This is typically done when traffic is moving slow or at a stand still. Boston area motorcyclists who are caught lane splitting can face serious fines.

Can I Ride a Motorcycle Without a Permit in Massachusetts?

For any riding done on marked roadways, a person must have their permit or license to operate a motorcycle.

How Long is my Motorcycle Permit Good for in Massachusetts?

Your motorcycle permit is good for just two years. After six months of no penalties when riding with your permit, you can take a Class M course to obtain your license.

How Common are Motorcycle Accidents in Massachusetts?

There are hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists in the U.S., with an average accident rate of 1%. However, of the 1% of motorcycle accidents, 19% of them are fatal. It’s important to follow all precautions, wear a helmet, and abide by the speed limit when riding your motorcycle around Lynn or Boston, MA.

Why Would I Need a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident lawyer, such as Mark Horrigan, can help you fight for the compensation you deserve and help you prove liability in the accident. It’s important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney because of the serious implications in motorcycle accidents: severe personal injury, hospital bills, mechanic bills and even fatalities. You want the best lawyer on your side to get the most compensation from your accident.