Personal Injury FAQs

At Horrigan & Norman Law Firm in Lynn, MA, our seasoned attorney, Mark Horrigan, specializes in personal injury cases. From injury claims involving workers’ compensation to civil litigation, Mark has seen it all and knows what it takes to win your case. If you’ve been in an accident and are still experiencing pain and suffering and/or have not been compensated justly for your injury, reach out to Mark Horrigan today.

What is personal injury law?

Personal injury law is the term used to describe injury cases resulting in truck accidents, car accidents, workers’ compensation law or other accident-related claims.

What time of lawsuits qualify as personal injury?

If you have been injured because of someone’s negligence, you are likely eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit. There are case considerations when filing a claim, so it’s important to come to your lawyer with documentation.

What are case considerations?

Case considerations are the considerations necessary to determine which type of case you can file, if you are eligible for a personal injury lawsuit, and who is to blame in the case.

What are the case considerations in personal injury cases?

Negligence, causal connection and resulting damages are all case considerations when determining the outcome of your lawsuit.

What is negligence in personal injury law?

To win a personal injury case, like most cases, you must prove that you were injured due to someone else’s negligence. This means you must have proof that someone acted in negligence that resulted in your injury. For example, if you were involved in a trucking accident because the driver was swerving and found the driver did not take their mandatory rest breaks, it means the driver was operating negligently.

What are resulting damages in personal injury cases?

Resulting damages are the damages you incur. These are typically items like medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of earning capability.