Construction Accidents & Negligent Operation

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Construction accidents are tricky due to the severity of most cases. Most cases have physical and financial repercussions because of costly hospital bills and being put out of work. In order to win your lawsuit, there are a few case considerations in proving who was at fault or who acted negligently.

Loss of earning capacity, past, present and future earning capacity, is often a large element of damages in construction accident cases particularly where the client is permanently disabled from returning to construction work. This is because many injured construction workers are union members. Such unions create prevailing wages for their members that are regularly increased and are accompanied by a wide range of fringe benefits such a pensions, health insurance plans and disability pensions. The replacement cost of such fringe benefits is very substantial and figures into the overall calculation of the loss of earning capacity.

Third Party Involvement

Was a Third Party, other than the Client’s employer, negligent and was that third party’s negligence the legal cause of the injury?

If not, then the client is limited to workers’ compensation benefits. With some very rare and very limited exceptions, the vast majority of circumstances dictate that the client cannot file a lawsuit against their employer.

At Fault Parties

If so, the client will be barred from recovery in a lawsuit due to his or her own negligence. If less than 50% at fault, the recovery for a client’s damages is reduced pro rata by his or her own negligence.

For example: A client has 100k in damages and is 50% at fault. Therefore, his or her recovery is limited to 50K plus whatever prejudgment interest is tacked on to the judgment.

Is the Standard of Care in terms of determining negligence favorably defined by any applicable federal (OSHA) or Massachusetts Construction Site Safety Regulation (454 CMR 10.01 and thereafter, etc.)?

Is Workers’ Compensation Applicable?

General Rule – workers’ compensation insurer must be reimbursed for two-thirds of the workers’ compensation lien which consists of the total payments it made of both disability payments to the client and the amount it paid to medical providers for medical bills.

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