Some of Our Recent Litigation Results Include

Former Pipefitter Wins $750,000 Settlement

Injury Case Settled Before Trial

A 53-year-old sprinkler piper fitter sustained neck, shoulder, hip and low back injuries after tripping and falling on an accumulation of floor debris at a construction site while carrying a heavy pipe on his shoulder. The controlling general contractor violated OSHA safety standards by not providing clean-up by laborers of the accident area at regular intervals after ordering multiple contractors to expedite their work within same work area. Multiple equipment and stock obstructions were also present in the work area, which effectively created an obstacle course for the free movement of workers in violation of the OSHA safety standards.  

The defendant contended the plaintiff was more than 50% at fault and thus was barred from recovery for his injuries.

 The client underwent a long course of pain management procedures that ultimately did not resolve his symptoms. However, he had not undergone any medical treatment during the two years before the date trial was scheduled to begin. Conversely, he was s never able to return to his trade of sprinkler pipe fitting after the accident.


  The case was settled three days before a jury trial was scheduled to begin.

ICU Nurse Wins Compensation

Worker’s Compensation Settlement, July, 2023

An ICU nurse at a large hospital was injured on the job when she tripped over a hose. The nurse was immediately hospitalized and had surgery a few days later

It was determined that the nurse had lost partial function. However, under a Worker’s Compensation disability Claim, they would have had limited payment.

We were able to reach a settlement that allowed the nurse to receive additional compensation. The settlement avoided costly litigation and allowed them to move on with the possibility of taking on adjusted work. Without the settlement, the nurse would have been limited in future employment opportunities.

Not Guilty on Bench Trial

Not Guilty Verdict from bench trial on OUI First charge in Lynn District Court.

This was the third consecutive not-guilty verdict in trials involving charges of operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.


MARCH 2020

Settlement of construction site fall down accident resulting in complex regional pain syndrome of the lower extremity



A catastrophic roof accident in which an 18 year old, 130 pound roofer fell 25 feet while climbing untethered up a ladder onto a roof and carrying a bundle of shingles weighing 80 pounds. He severed his spinal cord and sustained a massive head injury resulting in cognitive losses and partial blindness.


SETTLEMENT ON 1/7/19 and 2020

$215,000 settlement, three insurer, three phase personal injury settlement resulting from two consecutive rear-end motor vehicle collisions culminating in contribution from excess carrier arising from soft tissue injuries superimposed on degenerative disc disease.



Additional compensation for a oil burner repair person who sustained injuries after a fall accident on defective cellar steps. Victim had previously received a workers’ compensation lump sum settlement of $ 125,000 about 8 months earlier.