A waiver of inadmissibility is necessary when you have issues that make you ineligible to receive a visa. The visa could be to immigrate to the United States or for temporary reasons. The most common waivers are, waiver of inadmissibility for unlawful presence, waiver for misrepresentation to a government official, waiver for fraud, waiver for having committed a crime involving moral turpitude and waiver for deportation/removal. It is very important to know and understand if you need a waiver and if you qualify to obtain the waiver. For must waiver you have to have a qualifying relative except for the waiver of deportation. For the waiver of inadmissibility or waiver of misrepresentation you need to have a parent or spouse who is an LPR or a USC to qualify you for the waiver. For the 212H waiver, you have to have a parent, child or spouse who is a LPR or USCI to qualify you for the waiver. A waiver is a complicated and complex legal process. Read en espanol!

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