U.S. Immigration Laws Are Complex Challenging Cases Require In-Depth Knowledge, Well-Developed Skills And Determination. After more than 35 years in immigration law practice, Attorney Nancy B. Norman has developed a strong reputation and other attorneys in the region send their most difficult cases to the firm. If you’re looking for an attorney who can help you through all aspects of your complex immigration case in the greater New England area, you’ve found the right person in Nancy Norman.

Attorney Nancy B. Norman often succeeds at cases that do not seem to offer easy answers or straightforward solutions. She is is committed to providing efficient, results-oriented legal counsel with employment based or non-immigrant visa based on education and experience. Click for Espanol!

Clients of the firm often include:

  • Individuals in other countries attempting to come to the U.S. to work or live temporarily or permanently
  • Individuals from other countries already in the U.S. with immigration needs such as adjustment of status or naturalization guidance
  • Aliens who have been detained or may soon be detained and are at risk of deportation
  • Family members of foreign-born people who wish to sponsor relatives for visas or green cards
  • Employers looking for an immigration law firm to obtain work-related visas for employees

Extra-challenging and special factors in difficult immigration cases may include:

  • A criminal record: After a criminal case, immigration goals become more difficult to obtain, but not necessarily impossible.
  • A deportation order: Do not give up hope without talking to an experienced attorney.
  • Long-time residency in the U.S. without proper immigrant documentation: The answer may be hard to discover, but achievable.
  • Well-founded fear of returning to your native country: If you can prove a qualifying basis for this fear, you may be a strong candidate for asylum.

Creativity, determination and hard work often solve complex immigration cases

The best solutions in difficult cases are not usually apparent right away. Investigation and evaluation of individual circumstances and all available options are keys to success in many cases resolved by Nancy B. Norman Immigration Law. The answer in a challenging case may be a waiver, an adjustment of status, an appeal of a criminal matter or a creative solution to achieve family reunification goals.

Even when there are limited options, Attorney Nancy Norman attempts to work with ICE to find a solution to allow someone to stay in the United States.