Attorney Nancy Norman, Immigration Counsel near Boston, MA

If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer in the Boston area who has experience and in-depth knowledge surrounding visa status, deportation, family waivers and more, reach out to Nancy Norman of Horrigan and Norman Law Firm near Boston.

Immigration law centers around providing legal services to clients who are navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of immigration law. Immigration law is a highly specialized field that requires an in-depth knowledge of federal statutes, regulations, and policies, as well as an understanding of the cultural, social, and economic factors that influence immigration trends and outcomes. Attorney Nancy Norman has been practicing immigration law for two decades and has won and guided many individuals throughout their immigration case.

One of the key services Attorney Norman offers to clients is advice on the various options for obtaining lawful immigration status, such as family-based counsel, employment-based visas, and asylum and refugee status. Attorney Norman works with clients to assess their eligibility for each type of visa or status, help them prepare and submit the necessary applications and supporting documentation, and represent them in proceedings before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other government agencies.

Attorney Nancy Norman is known for her work around complex immigration cases, particularly as it pertains to status in the North Shore and Boston area communities. Attorney Norman can help you with something as seemingly simple as filling out a visa or as complex as navigating family immigration law near Boston.

Another important aspect of immigration work is helping clients navigate the often complicated and stressful process of deportation defense. This may involve representing clients in removal proceedings before an immigration judge, appealing unfavorable decisions, or seeking relief from deportation through waivers or other forms of relief. Attorney Norman is a well-known and respected immigration lawyer in Boston due to her relationships with ICE officials, U.S. judges, and her knowledge of the ever-changing immigration law guidelines.

In addition to these core services, Attorney Norman can provide assistance with naturalization and citizenship, as well as advising employers on compliance with immigration laws and regulations. As an immigration attorney, Attorney Nancy Norman’s goal is to help clients achieve their immigration objectives in a timely and efficient manner, while also advocating for their rights and interests throughout the process.

If you’ve been looking for an experienced immigration lawyer in the Boston area, look no further than Attorney Norman! Reach out to the Horrigan & Norman Law office in Lynn, MA for an initial consultation today. Se habla Español!