We are passionate about the quality of our services and enhancing our clients’ lives. We are strongly principled individuals and proud of our commitments to our clients and the community. We always strive to treat each client with respect and dignity. We craft our approach specifically to accommodate each client’s issues.

The Law Offices of Horrigan & Norman prides itself on providing legal solutions for clients from all walks of life. Working as a team, we have found ways to creatively combine our individual practice areas to better serve our clients unique needs.

Attorney Nancy B. Norman shares office space with her husband, Attorney Mark S. Horrigan, a member of the Massachusetts Bar for more than 35 years. Attorney Horrigan’s experience in prosecuting criminal post-conviction relief motions is often helpful to clients of Attorney Norman who are fighting removal cases based upon alleged criminal histories. Their combined practice can also be very effective in pursuing divorce and child custody decrees in connection with immigration petitions such as I-751 (converting conditional green card status to permanent lawful resident status) and pursuing green cards for certain unaccompanied minors.

Our Staff

Our staff is committed to serving all of our clients in a professional and respectful manner. We work as a team to encourage collaboration. Each member of our staff speaks English and Spanish fluently. Our core values include compassion, understanding and commitment to excellent service. We are proud of the deep level of dedication each member of our staff exhibits.

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